Let’s take a vote. How many of you feel like you’re the designated “picker upper” in the house? You know, the one who picks up the shoes in the mudroom, the backpacks on the floor, the dirty clothes, the toys, the dishes, and on and on and on.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

What if you changed the house rules…or started some new ones? The rules that are based in responsibility and ownership. The ones filed under “good habits to create.” And the ones that teach our little ones (and everyone else in the house) to pick up your own sh** … and better yet, don’t dump it in the first place!

You in? Thought so. 

Let’s begin with 3 simple starter steps.

First, designate don’t dump.

Everyone in the house has stuff, so everyone in the house should have a place to put it…ideally in the spot where it comes in. Perhaps it’s your mudroom, perhaps it’s the front entry, perhaps it’s a few hooks and bins placed by the side door. Wherever you designate the place, give each person space to put their things…their shoes, their coat, their bag, their keys, their “I must have it when I leave the house tomorrow” their “I brought it in with me but now I don’t know where to put it” objects. All that stuff.  Give it a home to go to and give each person in your home the responsibility to get it there. 

Second, if you use it, put it back. 

It’s an easy rule. For everyone. No exceptions, even the little humans in your house. If they can reach it to take it out, they can reach it to put it back. And of course, no excuses for the grownups and the older kids. I’m in a hurry, I’ll put it away later, what’s the difference if it’s on the dining room table (we never use it anyway), I’m going to use it again tomorrow…none of that should fly in your house. If you use it, put it back…now…not later, not tomorrow. It takes less time to do it in the moment than it does to come back to it later.

Finally, the floor is not a place to store. Period. No debate. Find another place, a shelf, a closet, a drawer.  Somewhere else.  What’s left on the floor, often gets left…for far too long. When it’s on the floor, it’s too easy to ignore.  And if it’s on the floor because there’s no place for it, then it’s time to create space.  That means editing what you already have to make room.  Because if it doesn’t fit, it’s time to get rid of it!

Just 3 simple steps to get you, and the whole family, started.  #yesyoucan  Savvy believes in you! And remember, we love to see what you do with your space.  Take a pic, share it, tag us #savvyspacestyle

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