Ah, the pride, the joy…the endless stacks.

One more creation, one more near masterpiece, one more art project. They’re wonderful but there’s a lot of them and they accumulate and crumble over time. So what’s a parent to do?

Frame them.

Relax, not all of them. Just a few, perhaps one or two per year. Just the ones you love, or the ones they love. Gently put the others aside, for a short time and when the time is right (i.e. when the kids aren’t looking), recycle them. When kids see their special artwork on the walls, they’ll forget about the dozens of others left behind. They’ll take greater pride in their creations, perhaps working harder to make each piece “the one”, the framer.

After you’ve selected the pieces to frame, a few tips to remember:

Frame to the art, not to the room. Beautifully framed art will find its place.

Experiment with different framing options. Some pieces work well in a colorful wood frame, others can be elevated in the elegant gold or silver frame. A shadow box holds a piece with dimension and a lacquer frame lends the art a modern touch.
Think outside-the-basement or your child’s room for placement. Try the framed artwork in an entryway, the kitchen or the family room.
Be certain to have your child sign their artwork. You never know…

Prepare to be amazed how your child’s art will brighten your space and make your home come to life.

Remember to tag your pics of their masterpieces #savvyspaces

We can’t wait to see!


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