With a new season upon us (hello sweater weather), it’s the perfect time to edit your closet. 

Hold the eye rolls, please, and the clenched teeth. It’s not that bad. Promise. 

Like anything else, start small.  Think about it in steps. As Savvy likes to say, “beginning is winning.”

You ready? Let’s go. 

Step One: pick a section, any section (no need to tackle the whole closet). 

The pants, the tops, the shoes, the accessories. 

Clear that section.  Just that one. Because when it’s one at a time, it’s not so overwhelming. 

Okay, so it’s out. 

What’s next? 

Step Two: easy things first. 

Set aside the definite keepers. The must-haves, the I-wear-everyday, the there’s-no-way-I’m-letting-that-go.

Easy, right?

Step Three:  let’s move to the definite-goners…the I-never-wear, the what-was-I-thinking, the already-lived-it’s-best life…those. 

Separate items into two piles —  those to toss and those in good condition to donate. No guilt needed for what still has tags on it. Move on. You made a mistake. We all have!

Step Four: call them maybes.

If you think you’ll need reinforcements, now is the time to bring them in. We’re talking best friends, teenage daughters or anyone else not afraid to offer an honest opinion.

Tell them to give it to you straight. Thumbs up if it’s a keeper. Thumbs down for a no-way. 

If it’s still a maybe, try it on for the final verdict.

Stay strong.  It’s a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, an accessory. Your life doesn’t depend on it, a wrong decision isn’t fatal, and no one gets hurt from a bad call.

Fifth and Final Step: put back only what you’re keeping and smile at what you’ve just accomplished. 

Because ultimately, it’s not just about what you put back, but what you take back…CONTROL.  Control of your closet, your clutter, your life.

And yes, a less cluttered space equals a calmer you. 

Remember, you can do this. 

A start, no matter the size, can become a habit. 

Today the closet, tomorrow, who knows? #yesyoucan

And, please, show your #savvyspacesstyle  We love to see what you do with your space!


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