With a new season upon us (hello sweater weather), it’s the perfect time to edit your closet.  Hold the eye rolls, please, and the clenched teeth. It’s not that bad. Promise.  Like anything else, start small.  Think about it in steps. As Savvy likes to say, “beginning is winning.” You ready? Let’s go.  Step One: […]


October 10, 2019

Often we hear that spring is the time to freshen up.  But don’t forget about fall.  At Savvy, we believe  every season is an equal opportunity reason to refresh.   Here are 3 easy places to shake things up for autumn. 1. Pillows. Yup, them again. In the home, pillows are a favorite in the […]


September 19, 2019

Let’s take a vote. How many of you feel like you’re the designated “picker upper” in the house? You know, the one who picks up the shoes in the mudroom, the backpacks on the floor, the dirty clothes, the toys, the dishes, and on and on and on. You know what I’m talking about, right? […]

The beach chairs are folded up, the kiddos are back at school, and there’s a chill in the evening air. What are you waiting for? A new season is upon us, and there’s no better time or reason, to get organized. Here are 3 spaces (where you likely are anyway) you can tackle right now.  […]


July 29, 2019

Yup, you read it right. When it comes to your closet, there are 3 F words…but these you can say aloud in front of your kids. Ready? FIT FLATTER FEEL Fit, flatter, feel. Fit, flatter, feel. Say it. Remember it. Live by it. We’ve all been there. We’re standing in (or front of) our closets. […]

Can we talk? Where do you and your family spend the most time in your home? Likely, it’s the kitchen. Look around. What do you see? Are your counters clear or chaotic? Calming or a dumping ground? Intentionally organized or haphazardly placed? If you answered mostly the latter, no judgment. You’re not alone. Where the […]


July 29, 2019

Ah, the pride, the joy…the endless stacks. One more creation, one more near masterpiece, one more art project. They’re wonderful but there’s a lot of them and they accumulate and crumble over time. So what’s a parent to do? Frame them. Relax, not all of them. Just a few, perhaps one or two per year. […]